Fuse is San Francisco’s Fusion performance dance company. We strive to invigorate the Fusion community with high-quality performance and technique. Our group is built atop a diverse set of backgrounds, built into something greater through skill-sharing and teamwork. We’re excited to share our passion with the community.




Todd Elkin co-founded Fuse in August of 2012 and is the company’s artistic director. Todd believes that any time people interact, they have the chance to tell one of life’s Great Stories. His passion to manifest these led him to choreography, and innervates his other aspirations of novel-writing and business development. His dancing is rooted in salsa and ballroom, and flavored with over a decade of martial training in Aikido.  

Over the 10 years since he began dancing, Robin has performed in the circus, broken his neck, recovered, and returned to performance. Along the way he discovered a passion for helping children with special needs. Robin splits his time between dance and teaching parents of children with autism tools to help their children improve. Robin Zander co-founded Fuse in August of 2012.


Fuse members are a wide variety of highly talented dancers from the San Francisco Bay Area. With extensive training in ballet, ballroom, blues dance, martial arts, and other physical disciplines, this assortment of talent drives the Fuse aesthetic.

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